Wills and Probate Services in Dublin

As the saying goes there are two certainties in life, death and taxes. At some stage we will all have to face same and so it is good to make a little preparation for same in advance.

We here in Early & Baldwin Solicitors can make things a lot easier for you and your loved ones by assisting you in making your will while you are still capable and in a position to do so. This will ensure that when you pass away you will have appointed someone i.e. an executor or executrix who can step into your shoes, take control of your affairs and ultimately see that your wishes are carried out in regard to the distribution of your assets. We have many years experience in helping people make their wills and ultimately putting their minds at ease.

The loss of a loved one can also leave us numb and anxious. This can be a frightening time as the loss might have been totally unexpected and sudden and leave one unsure as to what to do, where to turn or where one stands in regard to one’s entitlement. There might be debts and taxes to be paid and time frames within which same have to be discharged as otherwise penalties and interest can accrue. In many cases clearance has to be obtained from various bodies such as Revenue, Social Welfare and the HSE before an estate can be distributed. One has to be very careful in this regard so as not to leave oneself personally liable.

Our Probate Department has many years experience in dealing with the administration of estates both where a will has been made and in cases where no will has been made. We can also advise you on your succession rights and whether or not you might be able to claim against an estate.

For an appointment to discuss making a will, dealing with the administration of an estate or ascertaining your rights in regard to any probate matter please feel free to contact Michael O’Dwyer Solicitor at this office on 01 833 3097 who has many years experience in this area for a confidential chat.

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