Property Law

One of the biggest purchases you are likely to make is when buying a House or an Apartment and accordingly it is essential that this be done properly so that the title is checked out thoroughly even if this means that the purchase takes a little longer.

If a conveyance is not handled property it may be some years before this comes to light usually when the property is being sold or on a re-mortgage being carried out by a different Solicitor.

In Early & Baldwin, our Property Law Solicitors deal with all types of residential conveyances and ensure that same are dealt with by a E fully qualified Property Law Solicitor. We carry out full and detailed pre-contract enquiries wherever necessary. If we find a problem with the title we will advise you accordingly.

We will guide you through the process and let you know exactly what is involved at the various stages. We would recommend that you speak to your Property Law Solicitor before you put the property on the market for sale so as to ensure that all is in order.

We assist Purchasers and Vendors alike and deal with the following:

  • The purchase and mortgaging of all residential properties to include houses and apartments both new and second hand.
  • The sale of all residential properties to include houses and apartments both new and second hand and where necessary the redemption of any existing mortgages thereover.
  • The transfer of interests in residential property from one party to another
  • Voluntary transfers
  • Re-mortgages
  • Investigation of Title and rectification of Title where necessary.
  • The purchase of the Ground Rent where deemed necessary by way of arbitration or by consent.

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